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Psoriasis - atopic eczema

Itchy social spotlight: Beaudi


Short introduction: \ I am Beaudi and I like to achieve stuff; mostly happiness, health and wealth. Nothing excites me more than helping others achieve stuff, too! That’s what I’m here for, figuring out how I can serve others in the best way possible. \ \ My journey:\ I got diagnosed with psoriasis 8 years ago, when I was 15. My dermatologist told me that there was nothing I could do; ‘Just earn to live with it’. I didn’t accept that and I looked for other ways. I healed my skin several times through diet, exercise, sleep, finding true happiness and stress management. I want to show others that we can reclaim our health even after we have lost it! \ \ What am I most unapologetic for?\ I am most unapologetic for saying that skin disease is a sign that your health is MESSED UP! I believe that skin disease is a sign of our bodies saying: ‘Hey buddy something is really REALLY wrong inside here, do something about it before something worse happens!'

\ \ What/who inspires you? \ I am inspired by Ali, a family friend who always seizes the day no matter what! \ \ What is your hero product?\ My hero product is INSANE, everybody should use it! There is only one problem, many of us don’t know how to use it and I didn’t for a long time too! Once you know how to use it though, you can leave your psoriasis behind you FOREVER! My hero product is called: ‘MY BRAIN’! Let me know if you need help using it, I’ll be glad to help.

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