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Psoriasis - atopic eczema

Itchy social spotlight: Linzi Dunlevy


About me

I’m Linzi, 35, from Scotland. I have had psoriasis for over 10 years. I am a teacher and my skin issues started around the time I started teaching. I have had many medical treatments for my psoriasis including a 2 week hospital stay after I developed pustular psoriasis. I am not currently under any medical intervention at the moment and I have moved to a more holistic way of treating my skin now through diet, lifestyle and mindfulness.

My journey

Initially diagnosed as dermatitis. Steroid treatments at first. Skin flared and spread to cover 60% of my body. Hospitalised and prescribed Cyclosporine to help clear my skin. Then coal tar treatment for a few months. Then a round of light therapy during pregnancy and after my daughter was born. My skin has been manageable for a couple of years.

Most unapologetic for

Showing off my skin as it is. No filters! No make-up. Social media with filters and perfect skin is adding to an already toxic, unrealistic, obsession for young people which was on TV and magazines when I was growing-up but it seems more constant now literally in the palm of our hands.

What/who inspires you and why?

The millions of individuals who make up the entire psoriasis/eczema/TSW/acne/body positivity community. Showing up every day, getting on with their lives and jobs, sometimes with a chronic illness, reminding others they are normal and most definitely not alone, being true and brave, and and picking each other up when we need it.

Hero product

SPF – as a pale, red head in Scotland, who barely gets to see the sun, never mind get burnt, I am still aware of how crucial SPF is and to use it daily. Got to keep those wrinkles at bay!

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