Most common questions

How does the trial work?

When you sign up for the trial, you’ll get a month’s supply of your hard working Anti-irritation body emollients — developed by our experts community and produced sustainably in Sweden. 🌲

As the end of your trial period approaches, you can log in to your account under "My Account" to adjust your plan. After your first 28 days you’ll be charged monthly for ITCHY refills. Pause or cancel anytime. 💛

Where is my order?

If you have ordered emollient creams, look here 👀 You will receive a delivery confirmation in your email when your package has been sent.

If you ordered ITCHIUM®, look here 👀 You can see the status of your Refill order in your account under “Order history”.

Delivery takes between 4-7 working days, but due to the current situation it can take up to 14 working days. Contact us at hello@itsitchy.com if you have been waiting for more than 14 working days, or if you have any other questions. 💛

How do I pause/end my subscription?

You can pause (or end 🥲) your subscription under “Account” in your account. You can also postpone or change the delivery date under "My Subscriptions".

I have paid for my order but never received my package

Keeping keep track of your subscription and future deliveries is super easy via your account under "My subscriptions" and "Order history". Payment is always deducted at the same time as the package leaves our warehouse. It may therefore take a few days for your order to be delivered after the money has been withdrawn. If your package hasn't arrived in 10 working days you can email us at hello@itsitchy. 📬


What is ITCHY?

ITCHY is a telehealth platform for chronic skin diseases Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis and eczema. It was founded by a psoriasis patient in 2019 and has since then grown to become a community based platform with a specialised line of products of powerful eczema essentials for everyday life.

Want to learn more?
Check out our story

What's in the starter kit?

The starter kit contains 2x tubes of our signature Anti-irritation body cream and the ITCHY Premium app experience.

How does the subscription work?

ITCHY is the first full service subscription for Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis and eczema where you create your own plan of supportive eczema essentials. The ITCHY Premium app is included in all ITCHY subscriptions, and is used to follow your treatment plans on the go.

Simply decide what products you want and how often you want them depending on your monthly needs.

Each refill package will always contain the same amount of products and are delivered directly to you 🌲

Payment is made automatically through your chosen payment method. You can cancel / change / advance the subscription whenever you want, and easily update your subscription from your account under "My Account".

What's the #itchyjourney hashtag?

The #itchyjourney tag was created by ITCHY to encourage people to share their personal journeys with eczema - simply tag anything you like to share with us online with #itchyjourney and we might repost and share your post!

You can always write us directly at hello@itsitchy.com or at @heyitchy on Instagram.

How do I join the ITCHY test squad?

Got eczema of any type, way or sorts? Then you can join our test squad! We believe people are the real experts, since we are the ones living with these conditions every day. Who better than us to create the eczema products of tomorrow?

Tell us your story and apply today by pressing "JOIN" to help us shape the future of eczema care: JOIN

My order

Where is my order?

You can easily see your order via "My account > My orders" and see its status. You can always chat with us directly using the bottom right chat to check the status of your order as well.

Keep in mind shipping times can be slower than usual due to the current situation. If you haven't received your package within 14 days, email us at hello@itsitchy.com.

Can I change my order?

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse you cannot change it. You can however always change upcoming deliveries via "My account".

Can I return my order?

Our creams are under the product class of consumable goods, which means that for safety and hygiene reasons we cannot accept any returns. This is to ensure the safety and quality of all our products.

If you have any issue upon receiving the package, please contact hello@itsitchy.com

How long until I receive my order?

Standard shipping in Sweden is 1-2 business days. Standard shipping to Europe is 4-6 business days. Due to the current situation shipping times might be affected. You can always check the order status under "My account"

My subscription

How do I pause/end my subscription?

Cancel anytime! You can pause (or end 🥲) your subscription under “Account” in your account. You can also postpone or change the delivery date under "My Subscriptions".

How do I edit my subscription?

Under "My subscriptions" you can do the following:

🟡 Change delivery date
🟡 Postpone the next delivery
🟡 Order separate products or add 🟡 them to your subscription
🟡 Change delivery intervals (60, 90, or 120 days)

Under "Account" you can do the following:

🟡 Update your personal information and change passwords
🟡 Change delivery address for each subscription
🟡 Update your billing information
🟡 Pause or unsubscribe

How does the payment work?

When it is time for your next smooth refill order, payment will be made automatically via direct debit or in the same way as you paid for your starter kit. Then the package is sent away, so it can take a few days between payment and delivery!

Contact us at hello@itsitchy.com for other questions about your payment.

Money has been drawn from my account for my re-fill, but I haven't received it yet?

It always takes a few days for your order to arrive, depending on where you are located it usually takes between 1-3 days, or 4-6 if you are in the European Union.Your order is always shipped once your re-fill payment has been made.

Contact us at hello@itsitchy.com directly and we will help you with any other questions regarding payment.

ITCHY Body Emollients

Are ITCHY Creams vegan?

Yes! All our products, including our ITCHIUM® supplements are vegan. 🐮

How does your emollient creams work?

Our emollient creams have been developed together with 16 000 people with Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis to relieve and prevent Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis and Atopic Eczema symptoms. They are dermatologically tested and allergen free and the active ingredients work to reduce redness, irritation, itch and dryness.

The main ingredient is your opinion!

Can emollients really help me?

Emollients cannot cure psoriasis, but they are important in managing its severity and offer considerable skin benefits. Daily use of a working emollient can significantly reduce symptom prevalence, risk of flareups and work actively to keep your condition in check during longer periods of time.

What does "prevents flareups" mean?

50 to 60 percent of treating psoriasis and eczema is around using non-medicated products like emollients and moisturizers. The use of an emollient cream or moisturizer increases the chances of successful symptom reduction. When you don't have a flare-up, it's important to cover the body in moisturizing products to prevent one from popping up.

That is the purpose of our body emollients, to prevent flare-ups and keep your skin intact and happy!

Where are ITCHY emollient creams produced?

Our emollients are produced in the cold, dry and dark country up north - Sweden 🇸🇪! It is one of the worst countries in the world for eczema due to its cold and dry climate.

How are the ITCHY emollient creams produced?

Our anti-irritation body creams are produced using only electricity from renewable sources and is certified according to international standards: ISO 13485 Manufacturing of medical devices, ISO 22716 Good manufacturing practices for cosmetics.

ITCHIUM® Dietary Supplement

What is ITCHIUM®?

ITCHIUM® is a clinically tested dietary supplement taken in tablet form to manage sensitive, itchy and irritated skin. With a unique formulation of natural olive polyphenols, Vitamin A, Biotin and Riboflavin it is used for the prevention of itchy and inflamed skin with strong antioxidation properties.

Who should take ITCHIUM®?

ITCHIUM® is meant for humans ages 13+

Why should I take ITCHIUM®?

Your skin is vital for your health and general well-being. Not only is it the body's first line of defense against bacteria and viruses, but healthy skin also ensures that the body's fluid balance is maintained and facilitates the regulation of body temperature. The skin is our largest and most visible organ, covering almost 2 m² and making up close to one-sixth of our body weight.

However, everyday living can easily disturb the balance of this complex
ecosystem. Alcohol, sugar, tobacco, disrupted sleep, city-living, stress, poor diet, and other environmental factors, have all been shown to have a significant impact on our skin health.

The skin needs more help than ever, and that's where ITCHIUM® comes in. The first of its kind, our compound includes clinically and scientifically studied ingredients and vitamins that deliver core benefits to the immune system, which, in turn, influence our skin health.

What does ITCHIUM® do?

ITCHIUM® contains our unique formula that has been clinically and scientifically studied to provide benefits around skin function, skin health, normal skin function, heart health, normal function of the immune system and skin barrier integrity.

Why is ITCHIUM® different than other supplements?

ITCHIUM® is specifically developed for very dry and cracked skin, targeting specific problems relating to common symptoms. It is a highly specialised compound that has been clinically tested to support the skins normal function.

Is ITCHIUM® compatible with my diet or dietary restrictions?

You should always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, or dietary program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

ITCHIUM® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Is ITCHIUM® safe to take while I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

You should always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or dietary program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.

Are there any side effects when taking ITCHIUM®?

As with any dietary change, product, or change, your body may experience a temporary acclimation period. ITCHIUM® has no known side-effects today.

As you begin taking ITCHIUM®, we suggest this protocol:

Day 1-3

Take 1 capsule daily together with a meal.

Day 4

Increase to the full dose of 2 capsules at once, daily, together with a meal.

We’re here for any questions—

Is ITCHIUM® vegan?

Yes! 🌳


How does the app work?

The Itchy app gathers all your current prescribed treatments in one place and lets you follow your routine daily from your phone. You can also log your symptoms and triggers to understand why you get flareups. Use our Timelapse feature to follow your skins past and progress.

How do I redeem my ITCHY Premium code?

It's easy! Simply enter your personal Premium code when prompted in the app: Profile > Settings > Redeem code > Enter code to unlock all ITCHY features. Check your registered email account for your Premium code.

Got any more questions? Email us directly at hello@itsitchy.com

How do I download the app?

You can download the ITCHY here:

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/itchy-psoriasis-eksem/id1479822330


What is the Timelapse technology, and how does it work?

The ITCHY timelapse technology is an advanced skin-tracker tool that you can use to follow your skin's development in real-time. To gain control over your psoriasis and eczema, it is important to test yourself and see which methods and treatments work best for you. It can take some time before you find the treatment or lifestyle that suits you and it can be difficult to keep track of which factors affect your skin. That's why we've developed the Timelapse photo feature for the ITCHY app. With Timelapse, you can document your skin and how treatments, any triggers and various activities affect it. An easy way for both you and your doctor to monitor your skin development!

Use it at the start of every new treatment to track its effectiveness, and see how your skin progresses over time.

Timelapse works like this:

Step 1. Select the part of the body that you want to document.

Step 2. Take your first photo. We recommend taking photos close to the skin, but make sure you have focus, daylight and a neutral background. It is good to photograph skin both with and without a rash to be able to easily compare and see what improves your symptoms.

Step 3. Once your first photo is taken, Timelapse will create a template to make your photo series with as much precision as possible. We recommend taking a picture every day to get as clear an insight as possible into what works best for you.

The image series is automatically edited into a short video. On each picture can see which activities, triggers and treatments are logged that day. This allows you to calmly analyze and get a clear idea of ​​how your skin reacts under different conditions.

You can create any number of Timelapse videos for different parts of the body. So the next time you ask yourself how a particular product or diet affects your skin, Timelapse will be a great asset that improves your self-care.

Good luck!

Download and share your timelapses with your Doctor, family, online communities or friends!

Can I create a treatment plan for any type of eczema treatment?

Yes. With the ITCHY app you can create a treatment plan from over 100 supported treatment forms, covering everything between emollients, cortisone creams, systemic treatment, biologics, UVB, PUVA and others.

Simply search for the name of your treatment in under "Add treatment" and add when you want to take the treatment. The app takes care of the rest, and reminds you when it's time to treat.

Can I use the app even though I don't have Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis or eczema?

Yes. You might not find your prescribed treatment, but you can easily add it and create a plan for it using our tool.

We continously update the app to include more conditions, so stay tuned!

Shipping + Billing

One of my items arrived damaged. What do I do?

Yikes! So sorry that happened. For defective or damaged items, please reach out to our support —hello@itsitchy.com.

What payments do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Klarna and PayPal. We unfortunately cannot accept cash, checks, bitcoin, or hugs. 🙂

How much is shipping?

Shipping to the Sweden: free

Shipping to the Denmark, Netherlands and Finland
: free

Rest of EU:
Depends on chosen carrier

Shipping internationally: $10 flat rate (USD) (+ any local taxes and duties)

When will my credit card be charged?

You are billed each month when your subscription renews, using the payment method you have saved on file. This charge will occur whenever you have set your subscription frequency, which most commonly is every 30 days, unless you cancel. You can always view your next shipment date in your account.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship within the EU, with plans to offer shipping internationally in the near future.