Itchy's psoriasis emollient cream
Itchy's Atopic dermatitis emollient cream

Why use Itchy creams

Barrier protection

One of the most important functions of the Itchy formula is to rebuild and replenish the skin barrier. An intact skin barrier is key in protecting your skin from external factors and irritation. A good barrier prevents redness, irritation and flare-ups with its protective layer.


Our emollients lubricate and soften eczema patches, making them more comfortable and more flexible so they’re less likely to crack. They cover your skin with a protective film to trap in water.

Relieves irritation

If your Psoriasis or Atopic Dermatitis is itchy, emollients soothes and helps relieve the irritation. Research indicates that emollients may also slow down the rate of cell turnover.

Scale removal

Emollients clear superficial scale. This is helpful for several reasons. Cosmetically, the plaques look better and they are less troublesome when dressing etc. Scale removal also allows easier application, and possibly enhanced penetration, of other topical (applied to the skin) treatments.


By reintroducing key moisturizing elements to your skin daily, you are helping to not only improve the appearance of your skin but also prevent damage as a result of a compromised skin barrier

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Try our emollient therapy routine


After a shower or bath, gently pat your skin dry. Apply your emollient cream generously in smooth, downward strokes. This helps your skin barrier start the day intact and protected. For added effect to hands and feet you can put on gloves and socks after applying the cream. Be careful not to slip!

During the day

Apply emollient whenever the skin feels dry/itchy throughout the day, especially during cold and dry climate. Do not allow your skin to dry out.


Take a warm bath or shower, avoid using soap as it dries out the skin. If you can, use bath oils to clean the skin. After bathing, gently pat the skin dry and apply your emollient generously or, where applicable, your topical drug treatment. The bath makes the skin soft and more absorbant, so the emollients are even more effective.

The complement to prescribed treatments

Mild psoriasis can often be managed effectively with frequent emollient use alone. For moderate or extensive patches however, your GP or dermatologist will prescribe you a range of topical treatments. Moisturise with emollients first, then after 30 minutes apply the topical steroid directly to the plaque/inflamed skin. Take care not to apply topical steroids or vitamin D analogues to the surrounding, unaffected skin as they can cause irritation.

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