Questions to ask your doctor about psoriasis Questions to ask your doctor about psoriasis

Questions to ask your doctor about psoriasis

To learn as much as possible about your psoriasis is to recommend if you or someone close to you is affected, to find the right treatment for you, it may be good to think about these issues before talking to your doctor.

How can I have psoriasis?

There are many studies on this subject, and it is difficult to get a direct answer to the question, we simply do not know enough about psoriasis yet. It is known that to some extent it is hereditary but there is also much that indicates that anyone can get the disease without any inherited genes. Some get their psoriasis at an early age, some get the latter. Try to think about if something special happened to you a few months before you saw your first symptoms. Did you change your diet? Have you been extra stressed or depressed for a period of time?

Is psoriasis hereditary or are there other medical conditions that may have caused this skin disease?

Consult with older relatives if they have shown symptoms of psoriasis or if they know it has been in the genus of previous generations. Has anything special happened in your life during the time that your psoriasis broke out? It can help your doctor make the right decision.

Can other medications I eat affect my psoriasis?

Here it is best to consult with your doctor which medications may affect your psoriasis. But think about what other medicines you are taking. Psoriasis can be both aggravated and triggered by beta blockers, so pay special attention if you have taken a lot of it.

Are there any side effects with the medications I need to counter my psoriasis?

There are side effects with almost all types of medications, it is very important that you read the instructions properly before taking any type of medication so this also applies to medicines for psoriasis. Also talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what medications for psoriasis you can combine with others.

What different types of treatment options do I have?

There are a lot of different treatments for psoriasis that you can choose from. Most people with psoriasis choose to combine different forms of treatment.

Here are the most common treatments for psoriasis:

  • moisturizing skin creams
  • cortisone creams
  • phototherapy
  • calcineurin inhibitors
  • dithranol

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Written by Zac Hyde M.D.