Common health conditions and diseases associated with psoriasis Common health conditions and diseases associated with psoriasis

Common health conditions and diseases associated with psoriasis

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis or PsA is a chronic inflammatory joint disease. People are often affected in the knees, small joints in the hands, feet, elbows and joints in the back. If you have psoriatic arthritis, you usually feel pain and stiffness in the joints, or the joints swell up. it is usually felt if you have been sitting or lying for a long period and start moving again. Some people barely feel it, while others may feel so bad they can't walk. If you have psoriasis, there is a great risk that you will also later develop psoriatic arthritis, 9 out of 10 being diagnosed with psoriasis before being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

Complications in pregnancy

During the first teens, during a pregnancy or during the woman's menopause, mood swings in the body increase, allowing psoriasis to develop or worsen if one is already diagnosed. Sometimes the skin rash itself can improve during a pregnancy, but usually worsens after birth.

During pregnancy, it is usually possible to be treated with topical treatment with calcipotriol or steroids and with UVB treatment. Breast creams should be avoided during breastfeeding. Neither should methotrexate be used during or before pregnancy, nor should the man be treated during this period.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is usually shortened PCOS and is a condition where cysts occur on the woman's ovaries and can lead to infertility. It is actually the most common cause of infertility. Five to fifteen percent of all the world's fertile women are estimated to have some form of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In addition to the cysts, you need more symptoms to be diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, such as severe body hair, repeated miscarriages, missed menstruation or enlarged ovaries. Obesity also seems to be associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Depression and stress

Depression and stress are other words for mental disorders that are a little less serious. It can be fear, anxiety, depression or even more serious conditions like depression. Most often, mental illness goes away after a period of time, when it is often linked to stressful situations and happenings in life.

Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a collective name for a number of risk factors such as stroke and cardiovascular disease. To be able to diagnose metabolic syndrome, you need to meet 3 of these 5 criteria:

  • Low HDL cholesterol
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated triglycerides
  • Increased abdominal area
  • Lipid disorders

It has been found in a number of different studies that psoriasis and metabolic syndrome have a connection, and many people who suffer from psoriasis are also affected by metabolic syndrome. Drinking a lot of alcohol, consuming a lot of tobacco and poor mental health are also factors that can trigger metabolic syndrome.

Eating well and exercising properly are the best tips for metabolic syndrome right now.

Heart disease

The people who have psoriasis more often have heart disease than people without psoriasis, and the more severe the psoriasis one has, the greater the risk of heart disease. This is shown in a Swedish study that was done in 2006. This is usually about age-related atherosclerosis in the vessels, which has to do with the fact that people with psoriasis have a different blood fat pattern than people without psoriasis.

For people with psoriasis, the proportion of dangerous cholesterol was 12.2% higher than the control group compared to.


Can psoriasis cause cancer? A new study has shown that there are links between cancer and psoriasis, says Harvard Health. The study showed that people with psoriasis are at greater risk of developing cancer. It also found that people with severe psoriasis are more at risk of dying from their cancer than people without psoriasis. It is still not known exactly why psoriaticists are at greater risk of getting cancer, but it may have to do with psoriasis being an inflammatory disease with overactive immune cells in the body.

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Written by Zac Hyde M.D.